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Transfer Pricing

When it comes to transfer pricing, we’re the experts. Our specialities include the defense of intra-group pricing and transfer pricing structures, the tax-optimized planning of value chains, and the ongoing implementation of transfer pricing concepts by means of drafting contracts, guidelines and documentation requirements, plus integration into an organization’s tax CMS.

Our clients come from a variety of industries, and include both large multinational corporate groups and family businesses with an international outlook. We have particular transfer pricing expertise in the pharmaceutical/medtech industry and the automotive, logistics, chemical, mechanical and electrical engineering, consumer goods, financial services, insurance, wholesale and retail, and hardware and software sectors.

In every project, we consider the connections between transfer pricing and other aspects of international tax law. Besides having to be at arm’s length, transfer pricing systems are linked to exit taxation, the risk of forming permanent establishments, questions of add-back taxation, withholding tax aspects, interest and licence caps, matters of substance, and other issues under double taxation treaties.

We also advise clients on their transfer pricing calculations and operational transfer pricing. Here, we work with various software providers to improve the efficiency of our clients’ processes with the help of transfer pricing tools.

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Our transfer pricing services include:

Defense and enforcement
Development of appropriate transfer pricing systems in relation to intra-group supplies and services
Planning and implementing transfer pricing concepts and documentation requirements

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When it comes to transfer pricing, our membership in Taxand and close personal contacts with other leading advisors around the world enable us to advise clients quickly and efficiently in complex, multinational engagements. Alternatively, we work with our clients’ existing advisors in other countries.

Now online: The Taxand Global Transfer Pricing Guide 2024

Your guide to the increasingly complex world of transfer pricing regulations. For managers and employees in the tax, finance and legal departments of globally active companies.

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