Book Presentations

Our partners regularly publish commentaries and practice manuals – many of them standard works in their fields. Here we present the latest publications.

Book Presentations


“Taxation of Enterprises in Germany”: Dr. Jochen Bahns publishes English-language guide to German corporate tax law

Foreign investors often struggle to navigate the complex provisions of German corporate tax law. In response to this challenge, Dr. Jochen Bahns has authored a comprehensive handbook: "Taxation of Enterprises in Germany." Written in English, this practical guide provides exhaustive information on key aspects of German tax law in a domestic and international context.


"Rechnungslegung und Prüfung der Unternehmen": Flick Gocke Schaumburg’s team of authors contribute to the definitive guide’s new edition

Published just in time for the Frankfurt book fair, this is the first of five volumes of the long-awaited new edition of “Rechnungslegung und Prüfung der Unternehmen” (Financial reporting and auditing of companies). For this 7th edition, Prof. Heribert M. Anzinger and Prof. Peter Oser are joined by our partner Dr. Carsten Schlotter on the editorial team.

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New handbook: “Grunderwerbsteuer im Unternehmen“

In recent decades, real estate transfer tax has developed into one of the most complex areas of German taxation. In their recently published handbook “Grunderwerbsteuer im Unternehmen” (Real estate transfer tax in the company), editors Prof. Matthias Loose, Dr. Karl Broemel and Dr. Frieder Mörwald provide an authoritative guide for companies and advisors, offering practical explanations of the regulations topic by topic.

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"Handbuch der Testamentsvollstreckung": Flick Gocke Schaumburg partner is the new edition’s co-editor

This is the 8th edition of “Handbuch der Testamentsvollstreckung” (The executorship handbook). Over some 1,000 pages, the authors blend blend practical and scholarly insights, covering everything that has to be considered when executing a will. Wolfgang Reimann and Christoph Röhl are joined by our partner Michael Holtz on the editorial team.

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Latest edition of the commentary on the Corporate Income Tax Act (KStG)

This is the 2nd edition of the commentary on the Corporate Income Tax Act. Prof. Thomas Rödder, partner at Flick Gocke Schaumburg, Prof. Andreas Herlinghaus, judge at the Federal Tax Court, and Ralf Neumann, Senior Government Director at the Aachen tax office for tax audits of large companies and corporations, join forces on the editorial team.

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