Tax Law

A leading tax law firm

With our tax-focused legal advice, we are one of the leading law firms in Germany. Our outstanding expertise covers all aspects of the taxation of businesses, private individuals and public law entities, and we advise our clients on complex tax law issues.

Our areas of specialization include group taxation and international tax law. We support clients with national and cross-border restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, and inbound and outbound investments. We are also one of the top names in transfer pricing. And we help businesses to set up effective tax compliance systems.

We are trusted advisors to many family-owned businesses. From choosing the right legal form to building the corporate structure, separating family branches, and partitioning family-owned businesses, our expertise is valued by well-known names and hidden champions alike.

Our key strengths in indirect taxes include value-added tax and the related field of customs law. We also advise clients on other customs and excise duties, including insurance, energy and electricity tax.

Our expert lawyers are experienced, knowledgeable and assertive when it comes to tax disputes and litigation. They also represent clients before the tax courts and assist with mutual agreement procedures and arbitration.