Auditing and Audit-Related Advisory Services

Partner, advisor and auditor

Businesses today have to meet increasingly strict accounting, transparency and tax requirements. Meaningful, reliable figures form the basis for essential corporate decisions, for complying with duties to inform third-party stakeholders, and for meeting tax declaration requirements. When it comes to auditing and compliance, we are a trustworthy partner for companies of all sectors and sizes, acting both as advisors and auditors. We also have extensive experience and expertise in auditing and providing tax advice to non-profit organizations.

We take an integrated, interdisciplinary approach to advisory and auditing. Since the majority of our employees also have tax qualifications, this integrated approach means – as far as is possible from a regulatory point of view – we always keep an eye on how a company and shareholders can optimize their taxes in addition to accounting-related issues. Our teams are led by experienced, highly qualified professionals who can be contacted directly at all times. We also attach importance to continuity in the team of advisors and auditors. If required, Flick Gocke Schaumburg’s interdisciplinary approach allows us to involve other experts in tax matters or labor and employment law, antitrust law or corporate law at any time and at short notice. This ensures efficient and value-added services.

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