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Buying and selling real estate raises a multitude of legal and tax issues. Flick Gocke Schaumburg’s interdisciplinary real estate teams consist of experienced lawyers and tax advisors who offer a comprehensive range of advice on these matters.

Our specialists advise clients on single and portfolio transactions with all types of real estate in domestic and cross-border contexts. We provide comprehensive advice that takes both legal and tax aspects into account. That way, we ensure that each transaction is structured in the client’s best interests.

Our experts support buyers and sellers throughout the real estate transaction process, whether by way of a share deal or an asset deal. We’re on hand to assist at every stage, from planning and structuring the transaction through to due diligence for buyers and sellers, drafting and negotiating the sale and purchase agreement, and monitoring during the post-closing phase.

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28.06.2024 | External Event
14. Bochumer Erbrechtssymposium: Die Immobilie im Erbrecht und im Erbschaftsteuerrecht
25.04.2024 | FGS Event
Webinar: Aktuelle Brennpunkte der Immobilienbesteuerung
27.02.2024 | FGS Blog
BGH erleichtert Beschlüsse in der Wohnungseigentümergemeinschaft über bauliche Veränderungen für mehr Barrierefreiheit
20.12.2023 | FGS Blog
Fortgeltung der Grunderwerbsteuerbefreiungen für Personengesellschaften bis Ende 2026
08.11.2023 | FGS Blog
Multiple RETT events in Transactions with a Rolling Vendor
28.09.2023 | FGS Blog
BGH zu Aufklärungspflichten des Immobilienverkäufers
11.05.2023 | FGS Blog
Update on German UBO reporting for foreign investors: new FAQ remove uncertainties but increase number of reportable cases
17.03.2023 | FGS Blog
Foreign investors (directly or indirectly) owning German real estate must prepare for extended UBO reporting requirements