Tax Compliance Management and Risk Management

We support our clients at every stage of setting up or modifying a tax compliance management system (tax CMS). This includes:

  • Advice and support with assigning competences and responsibilities (DMI matrix/RACI matrix)
  • Recommendations for an appropriate tax CMS structure and process organization
  • Creating and implementing tax guidelines
  • Risk and control matrix to identify risks and measures to mitigate them
  • Preparing guidelines and procedural instructions for specific types of tax, and recommending action to minimize identified risks
  • Developing a consensus-based tax CMS control system (control types, control intensity)
  • Analyzing and modelling core tax processes
  • Setting up a reporting system for compliance breaches and other matters
  • Defining processes for escalation and sanctions
  • Ensuring tax data compliance (with German GoBD regulations) and implementing IT-supported monitoring systems, in particular governance, risk and compliance solutions, continuous monitoring systems, tax data models, and individual assistance systems

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We support our clients with auditing and advisory services in the following areas:

(Tax) compliance management systems
Risk management systems
Internal control systems
Internal auditing

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