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Best Lawyers: Flick Gocke Schaumburg again named Law Firm of the Year for Tax Law and Succession Planning & Foundations

16.06.2023 | Latest news

Tax-focused law firm Flick Gocke Schaumburg has been named Law Firm of the Year in the categories of Tax Law and Succession Planning & Foundations by the renowned Best Lawyers ranking service, specifically in the 2024 edition of “Best Lawyers and Law Firms in Germany.”  

Among the Lawyers of the Year, the best-of list honors Prof. Xaver Ditz in the Tax Law category.

Once again, the guide includes Dr. Goetz Kempelmann in the Best Lawyers: Ones to Watch in Germany. Dr. Noemi Strotkemper also enters this category for the first time this year.

Best Lawyers identified 77 lawyers (up from 68 last year) in 13 areas from Flick Gocke Schaumburg as “Germany’s Best Lawyers.” In the Tax Law practice area alone, 51 lawyers and tax consultants received the title, an increase of six from 2022. The title-winners are:

  • Labor and Employment Law: Dr. Ursula Neuhoff, Dr. Tobias Nießen
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Law: Dr. Nadia Caroline Altenburg, Mathias Bülow, Dr. Finn Lubberich, Dr. Martin Oltmanns, Dr. Christian Pitzal, Dr. Fred Wendt, Dr. Irka Zöllter-Petzold
  • Corporate Law: Dr. Jochen Bahns, Dr. Christian Bochmann, Dr. Jens Eggenberger, Dr. Michael Erkens, Dr. Arne von Freeden, Dr. Yorck Frese, Dr. Matthias Heusel, Prof. Dieter Leuering, Dr. Matthias Merkelbach, Dr. Martin Oltmanns, Dr. Fred Wendt
  • Real Estate Law: Dr. Michael R. Wiesbrock
  • Competition/Antitrust Law: Dr. Florian C. Haus
  • Dispute Resolution: Dr. Jochen Bahns, Martin Werneburg
  • Succession Planning & Foundations: Prof. Jan Bron, Christoph Oenings, Dr. Christian von Oertzen, Dr. Manfred Reich, Dr. Andreas Söffing, Dr. Wolf Wassermeyer
  • Private Equity: Dr. Martin Brockhausen, Dr. Martin Oltmanns, Christian Schatz
  • Restructuring and Insolvency Law: Dr. Günter Kahlert
  • Arbitration and Mediation: Andreas Heinrich
  • Tax Law: Dr. Nadia Caroline Altenburg, Dr. Jochen Bahns, Dr. Sven-Eric Bärsch, Dr. Johannes Baßler, Prof. Hubertus Baumhoff, Dr. Martin Cordes, Dr. Holger Dietrich, Prof. Xaver Ditz, Dr. Daniel Dreßler, Dr. Christian Engelen, Dr. Torsten Engers, Dr. Barbara Fleckenstein-Weiland, Dr. Arne von Freeden, Dr. Jörg Frick, Matthias Full, Dr. Jens Hageböke, Prof. Frank Hannes, Prof. Michael Hendricks, Dr. Christina Hildebrand, Dr. Florian Holzner, Christian Hoppen, Maria Huxol, Jesco Idler, Michael Jakobi, Dr. Christian Kirchhain, Dr. Eva-Maria Kraus, Dr. Florian Kutt, Dr. Jörg Lüttge, Judith Mehren, Dr. Marcus Oliver Mick, Dr. Christian von Oertzen, Dr. Reimar Pinkernell, Dr. Michael Puls, Dr. Karsten Randt, Andreas Richter, Dr. Claus Ritzer, Prof. Thomas Rödder, Prof. Matthias Rogall, Christian Schatz, Dr. Jörg Schauf, Prof. Stephan Schauhoff, Dr. Tanja Schienke-Ohletz, Dr. Carsten Schlotter, Marc Schmidt, Prof. Jens Schönfeld, Prof. Andreas Schumacher, Prof. Andreas Söffing, Prof. Ingo Stangl, Henning Stümpfig, Rainald Vobbe, Dr. Tim Zinowsky
  • Criminal Tax Practice:  Prof. Christian Jehke, Dr. Karsten Randt, Dr. Jörg Schauf
  • Criminal Defense: Dr. Karsten Randt, Dr. Jörg Schauf

The “Germany’s Best Lawyers” ranking service is based on an online survey by the US industry publisher Best Lawyers, in which business lawyers and other practitioners are asked which lawyers they particularly recommend for certain areas of law. The “Lawyer of the Year” award goes to a lawyer with a particularly large number of recommendations. The Best Lawyers list for Germany is published every year exclusively in Handelsblatt, a leading German-language business and financial newspaper.