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Companies face an increasing risk of being held liable under civil law and criminal or regulatory law as a result of misconduct. Serious white-collar crime has resulted in a toughening of the relevant legislation and raised awareness of compliance.

This is where Flick Gocke Schaumburg’s comprehensive advisory approach comes into play. Above all, we aim to support companies with setting up the right processes and structures to ensure they comply with the law – even as the legal requirements become increasingly complex. This includes prevention, controlling and sanction mechanisms, and software solutions for process support. With our in-depth understanding of corporate processes, we advise our clients on the necessary corrective measures in connection with structures and process organization, and we support them with the implementation.

Flick Gocke Schaumburg has in-depth experience in implementing and using market-leading software solutions in all relevant areas of a tax CMS.

FGS Digital GmbH analyzes IT systems and data processing cycles. We’ll help you to comply with all tax system and data requirements.

We help our clients to ensure compliant behavior at all levels through their organizational set-up – but that’s not all. We also have specialists in all areas of law that pose particularly high risks for companies.

If sanctions are threatened, our Internal Investigations team works closely with the client to establish the facts. Our long-standing experience enables us to coordinate investigations, even in complex cases involving a large number of advisors. We can also evaluate large amounts of documents and data in a short time and conduct interviews to further clarify the facts. The outcome is a sound basis for the client to decide on the next steps in a time of crisis.

Criminal prosecution is the state’s sharpest weapon. For clients facing prosecution, we are on hand to advise on prevention and defense at all stages of the investigations. We’ll work closely with you to create communication strategies to prevent or minimize reputational damage. We’ll also advise you on directors’ and officers’ liability and examine the risks of civil claims by third parties.

Our lawyers have deep knowledge of substantive law which they combine with litigation expertise, defending our clients with efficiency and discretion.

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