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Audits of Annual and Consolidated Financial Statements

Trust is a central component for your success. As an independent auditing firm, we will support you in strengthening your stakeholders’ confidence in your financial reporting – both in statutory and voluntary audits of financial statements. Our services are characterized by efficient, reliable and effective quality assurance when it comes to audits. We provide the following services, each in accordance with commercial law and international accounting and auditing standards:

  • Audits of annual financial statements
  • Audits of consolidated financial statements
  • Audits of interim financial statements

Whether an audit is voluntary or statutory, our work focuses on making a sound judgment of the regularity of the accounting practices you apply when preparing financial statements in compliance with the German Commercial Code or IFRS. For us, conducting statutory and voluntary audits of annual and consolidated financial statements entails more than simply fulfilling a duty. We always see audits as an opportunity. That’s why we support our clients in identifying risks, improving accounting and tax-related business processes, and exploiting tax optimization potential at the company and shareholder levels. Our goal is always to create added value for our clients through our auditing services, going beyond meeting our obligations.

As a member of Praxity, the world’s largest alliance of independent accounting firms, in international projects we cooperate with partner firms in other countries with whom we have close personal contacts.

Above all, our service in annual and consolidated financial statement audits is marked by a high level of responsiveness, with high-quality and reliable solutions. Experienced, highly qualified professionals as your local contacts guarantee rapid decision-making and coordinate all of the specialists from our firm. This is supplemented by a risk-oriented audit approach, ensuring high levels of efficiency and certainty by means of relevant internal control systems, analytical audit procedures, and the use of IT tools. We aim to minimize time-consuming, statement-based reviews of individual cases.

We also proactively alert our clients to relevant changes in the law throughout the year, allowing them to make necessary adjustments in good time.

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