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White-Collar Criminal Law

The risks under criminal law in day-to-day business have steadily increased over the last few years. Serious white-collar crime has led to laws being tightened and, in particular, significantly raised awareness of compliance. Public prosecutors’ offices and the tax authorities pursue every suspicion of unlawful business conduct far more closely than even just a few years ago.

Our white-collar crime defense lawyers have deep knowledge of substantive criminal law which they combine with litigation expertise, defending our clients with discretion.

Our expertise in white-collar criminal law includes:

  • Corruption and breaches of fiduciary duty
  • Accounting and insolvency crimes
  • Offences related to banking and capital market law

Our white-collar crime and tax criminal law specialists advise and represent entrepreneurs and individuals at every stage of criminal proceedings – from appraisal of the initial suspicion to the investigation and main hearing.

Working closely with criminal lawyers, tax lawyers, business valuation experts and auditors, we pay close attention to corporate compliance and risk management.

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