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JUVE HANDBOOK 2023/2024: Flick Gocke Schaumburg remains at the forefront in succession/private wealth/foundations, and criminal tax law

16.11.2023 | Latest news

Flick Gocke Schaumburg (FGS) tops the ranking of leading law firms in the JUVE Handbook of Commercial Law Firms 2023/2024, receiving five stars in both succession/private wealth/foundations and criminal tax law. FGS has occupied a leading position in the German legal market for many years.

JUVE publishes a separate handbook for tax law, the focus of Flick Gocke Schaumburg’s legal advice. The firm tops the rankings in this field every year*.

Explaining the leading position of Flick Gocke Schaumburg in succession/private wealth/foundations, JUVE notes:

“Practically no competitor can keep up with this tax-focused firm in the extensive field of succession and private wealth structuring for high-net-worth individuals and family businesses – and the same is true when it comes to advising foundations and not-for-profit organizations. This has been the case for many years, and it looks set to stay that way. (…)”

As in previous years, the handbook recognizes Prof. Frank Hannes, Dr. Christian von Oertzen and Prof. Andreas Söffing as “leading advisors to entrepreneurs” and Prof. Stephan Schauhoff as a “leading advisor on foundations” in the succession/private wealth/foundations category.

In the criminal tax law category, JUVE notes:

“Virtually no other law firm is as committed to tax law in all its facets as FGS. Its criminal tax law practice is one of the market leaders, not least because it cooperates closely with the tax lawyers and both sides complement each other where necessary. (…)”

JUVE has once again awarded the law firm three stars each in corporate law and M&A.

Compared to the previous year, FGS has advanced in the rankings for venture capital (from one star to three) and labor and employment law (now two stars).

As in previous years, Flick Gocke Schaumburg is firmly established among the leading law firms with three stars in the national Top 50 overview. JUVE states:

“This large firm is one of the most important legal advisors in the German SME sector in particular, and it now has considerable strength in transactions. What’s more, it is still regarded as Germany’s tax firm par excellence (...). The network of many partners at the firm and in the advisory market is probably more extensive than ever, and FGS holds its strongest position to date. (...) The firm’s ability to shift perspectives has been evident in recent years through the deliberate strengthening of female advisors; three of the six new partners in 2023 were women. The same applies to the tax tech sector, which was frowned upon for a long time. Today, FGS is one of the drivers of the scene after the Big Four.”

JUVE’s research found that many of Flick Gocke Schaumburg’s partners are “frequently recommended” by clients. They are:

Corporate law: Dr. Michael Erkens, Prof. Dieter Leuering, Dr. Irka Zöllter-Petzoldt, Dr. Matthias Merkelbach, Dr. Christian Bochmann, Dr. Fred Wendt, Dr. Anja Herb, Dr. Alexander Goertz, Dr. Philipp Rulf

Investment funds: Dr. Christian Schatz

Competition and antitrust law: Dr. Florian Haus

M&A: Dr. Michael Erkens, Prof. Dieter Leuering, Dr. Fred Wendt, Dr. Christian Bochmann, Dr. Matthias Heusel

Succession/private wealth/foundations: Dr. Christian von Oertzen, Prof. Andreas Söffing, Prof. Stephan Schauhoff, Prof. Frank Hannes, Prof. Dr. Jan Bron, Dr. Christian Kirchhain, Prof. Ingo Stangl, Prof. Jens Schönfeld, Dr. Michael Holtz

Notaries: Dr. Finn Lubberich

Private equity/venture capital: Mathias Bülow, Dr. Martin Oltmanns, Dr. Alexander Goertz

Criminal tax law: Dr. Karsten Randt, Dr. Jörg Schauf, Jesco Idler


*JUVE Tax Handbook 2023: JUVE Awards/Law Firm of the Year for tax disputes

Rank 1/five stars: Not-for-profit organizations, corporate tax (tax structuring and project advice), criminal tax law, tax disputes, high-net-worth individuals, and foundations

Four stars: Transaction taxes (tax structuring advice), value-added tax, transfer pricing

Three stars: Financial taxes (product-focused advice to the financial industry), corporate tax (tax structuring and/or long-term client relationships), transaction taxes (contractual tax arrangements) <<<