Tax Technology

Tax-focused digitalization advice

Digitalization presents tax departments with the challenge of optimizing work processes while ensuring maximum compliance with tax obligations. It is becoming increasingly important for tax departments to have effective IT-supported networks both internally and with their advisors. At the same time, demands are growing on tax compliance management systems and tax reporting in particular.

This is why FGS Digital GmbH provides tax departments with a service package uniting tax-law expertise and the technical know-how of specialist partners. Our aim is clear: to identify synergy and automatization potential in tax departments’ processes and to harness that potential with integrated software solutions, data management systems and process optimization. In addition, we provide solutions for analyzing large data volumes before implementing an effective internal control system for tax.

Tax technology made to measure

After identifying the tools a client will need, we put together a customized tool portfolio. At the same time, lawyers and tax advisors from Flick Gocke Schaumburg are on hand to provide the necessary tax advice. Drawing on software solutions from several carefully selected partners, we can offer concepts and solutions tailored for each client’s systems and organizational setup. Together with our partners, we are available to discuss individual software solutions at any time.

Our tax technology solutions stand out from the rest, thanks to:

  • Established technology partners: We work only with IT companies that use recognized and future-proof technology.
  • Integrated software solutions: Tools for different departments and functions interact as seamlessly as possible and are based on uniform technology and databases.
  • Platform concept: All tools can be accessed through one platform.
  • Customizing: Tools can be tailored to meet each client’s needs.
  • Scalability: New modules can be developed for the tool platform.

Tax technology services at a glance

Our IT-supported solutions for tax departments include the following services:

  • Analyzing the effectiveness and efficiency of the department’s tool setup
  • Supporting the implementation of tax tools and training
  • Harnessing synergies in the tax compliance and reporting process
  • Standardizing and aligning workflows
  • Networking the tax department with other functions
  • Automatizing standard processes and software-supported monitoring systems
  • Analyzing tax-relevant mass data and simulating tax audits with IT support
  • Data and document management (SharePoint for managing tax-relevant documents, drafting guidelines, checklists, etc.)
  • Designing technical concepts for developing and expanding tax tools