Indirect Tax

VAT, customs and excise duties are an integral part of daily business. Companies must comply with a mass of legal regulations on everything from designing product and service chains, through VAT aspects of transactions, to compliance matters. Breaches of VAT regulations can – in addition to the considerable economic consequences – result in substantial fines and even legal proceedings.

The lawyers and tax advisors in our practice group Indirect Tax advise clients on all aspects of VAT law, sales taxes, and customs and excise duties. With our practical, interdisciplinary and made-to-measure approach, we resolve complex issues that require a holistic view of the relevant legislation.

Creative Solutions for Our Clients’ Needs

Responding to our clients’ needs calls for creativity and flexibility. Our Indirect Tax team finds solutions for new kinds of business models whose legal classification is often still uncertain. We support clients with optimizing their supply and service chains, avoiding registrations, and improving cash flow. We are experienced in optimizing input VAT for clients in industries where deductions are restricted (financial, real estate, the public sector, non-profit organizations).

Forward-thinking, Risk-conscious and Digital – Made-to-measure Tax Compliance Management

Our Tax Compliance practice focuses on prevention, avoiding errors, and securing against additional payments and fines. We advise our corporate clients on how to set up and improve their processes for VAT, customs and excise duties in line with the legal requirements. On request, we work with FGS Digital GmbH to provide up-to-the-minute IT solutions. If a risk becomes apparent, our experienced criminal-law experts are on hand to help.

Fast, Assertive, Efficient – Focus on Transactions

In corporate transactions, we support the parties by analyzing the VAT, input VAT and customs risks in our due diligence investigations. We assist with designing sales and acquisition structures, paying particular attention to avoiding input tax losses and subsequent holding costs. We also draft and negotiate VAT provisions for SPAs and APAs, especially in connection with plots of land.

Conflict Avoidance and Consistency – Litigation and Legal Proceedings

Dealing swiftly and confidently with the authorities is the key to avoiding lengthy legal proceedings. We aim above all to prevent conflicts from arising in the first place, or at least to prevent them from escalating. The name of Flick Gocke Schaumburg is widely respected among the authorities and courts – a key advantage for our clients. And if legal action cannot be avoided, we represent clients’ interests with calm and care. With our practical, interdisciplinary and made-to-measure approach, we resolve complex issues that require a holistic view of the relevant legislation.

What You Can Expect from Us

  • Renowned VAT experts with a wide range of specializations, working across our nationwide locations
  • Practical thinking based on a solid academic grounding
  • Interdisciplinary solutions that address not only indirect taxes, but also general aspects of tax and commercial law (including corporate law, accounting law and criminal law)
  • An excellent reputation among the court and tax authorities based on long-standing experience
  • A truly international outlook thanks to our close links with VAT experts from the Taxand network in more than 40 countries