Corporate Tax

One of Flick Gocke Schaumburg’s key strengths is providing advice on the taxation of groups and other business entities. The starting point for our work is taking stock of a company’s current tax situation and the structuring opportunities that arise from it.

Tax Advice and Tax Structuring for Companies

A major part of our daily work is business taxation and structuring advice. Here we analyze, for example, the potential for tax optimization in cross-border group taxation (such as tax groups), address structuring options in the taxation of dividend income and capital gains, and design concepts to optimize the taxation of intra-group or extra-group debt financing.

Focus on Family-Owned Businesses

We are trusted advisors to many family-owned businesses. In particular, we advise them on their choice of legal form and the development of their business structure, the separation of family branches and the partitioning of family-owned businesses. We stand by them as advisors when shares are transferred to other family members or third parties, against payment or free of charge, and advise them on financing issues or on international aspects such as the move of family members abroad.

Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate Reorganizations and Conversions

Corporate groups regularly call upon our expertise as advisors on transaction tax in large-scale domestic and cross-border deals. We also assist small and medium-sized enterprises and family-owned businesses with their growth and succession plans, advising them on the tax structuring of mergers and acquisitions and joint ventures in addition to private-equity and venture-capital transactions. We provide support on complex corporate reorganizations and conversions. This can include restructuring the company or business group in the most tax-neutral way possible.


We offer clients in accounting law access to a deep pool of knowledge that is constantly refreshed with updated insights on accounting law, and on domestic and international financial reporting. In this way, we always keep sight of both financial statements and their tax consequences.

Litigation and Arbitration

Although we aim to prevent disputes in the advice we give our clients, conflicts cannot always be avoided. Our tax-law experts have broad experience of litigating before the tax courts and the Federal Tax Court. We regularly represent clients in landmark proceedings before the CJEU. Our practice areas also include tax arbitration and tax litigation before the administrative courts.

Assistance in Tax Audits

In interdisciplinary teams consisting of public auditors, tax advisors and tax lawyers, we assist our clients in tax audits including field audits and special audits (wage and VAT). Here we proceed with great caution in our clients’ interests and address contentious issues with the tax authorities with objectivity and determination.

Our Expertise in Business Taxation includes:

  • Taxation of groups and other business entities
  • Taxation of family-owned businesses
  • Corporate reorganizations and conversions
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Tax-focused corporate financing
  • Tax audits
  • Tax accounting
  • Tax litigation and arbitration