In worldwide competition, companies have to face the challenge of adapting to changing market conditions and customer needs. It is our daily business to advise them on complex domestic and cross-border reorganizations. In interdisciplinary teams of lawyers, tax advisors and public auditors, we advise our clients in all entrepreneurial, legal and tax matters – from planning the process of corporate reorganization to putting robust structures into practice and completing the process.

The reasons for corporate reorganizations are manifold. Often the main aspect is tax optimization of a corporate structure by choosing or changing legal forms. Our tax experts advise you here, for example, in creating tax-optimized holding structures and comparing tax burdens.

The upcoming purchase or sale of a company, or individual business units, and an intended public offering are also reasons for corporate reorganizations, on which we regularly support our clients using our expertise in tax law and commercial law.

We assist clients in planning and conducting conversions, mergers, spin-offs or divisions. At the interface of labor/employment law, we provide advice on outsourcing projects, closures of plants and business units and business restructuring abroad which become necessary after a corporate reorganization. With their long-standing experience and highly efficient working methods, our tax-law and commercial-law experts are well equipped to meet the high pressure of time and cost.

The economists of our consulting firm advise on valuation matters and tax audits in corporate reorganizations and conversions.

Our Corporate-Reorganization Services include, in particular:

  • Assistance with planning and conducting conversions, mergers, spin-offs and divisions
  • Equity and debt financing
  • Advice on choice and change of legal forms, especially creation of tax-optimized holding structures, and comparisons of tax burdens
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Outsourcing and restructuring abroad
  • Accounting and valuation
  • Tax audits in corporate reorganizations and conversions