Private Clients

High-net-worth individuals have placed their trust in us for many decades. We assist private clients in ongoing issues of income tax and international tax, in important dispositions of assets, in planning their succession and granting gifts, and on marriage or divorce.

Gifts and Inheritance

We assist private clients to optimize, for tax purposes, the transfer of their wealth during their lifetimes or on death. We structure their affairs with legal certainty, avoiding disputes and in a tax-robust manner. Our expertise includes all inheritance-law, corporate-law, income-tax and inheritance-tax aspects of wealth succession. We have a proven track record in many cases of wealth succession. We represent our clients’ interests with consistency in inheritance disputes as well. We assume the role of estate administrator and, as inheritance lawyers, represent high-net-worth individuals in inheritance disputes that reach the courts.

Family, Marriage and Divorce

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, and divorce settlements, are regularly used as protection against liability and divorce; and to structure tax affairs. An appropriately worded marriage contract can, for example, facilitate the transfer between spouses of significant assets beyond the scope of allowances without triggering a liability for gift tax. In addition to such tax structuring, we assist our clients with civil law negotiations on marriage contracts concluded either prenuptially or diverse other situations, and in the case of disputes, typically relating to the divorce of an entrepreneur or high-net-worth individual. We conduct negotiations on agreements regulating the legal consequences of divorce and represent our clients in court.

Private Clients and Foreign Activities

We offer advice to high-net-worth individuals on cross-border estate planning and administration, the structuring of international income-tax and inheritance-tax affairs, and resettling abroad or in Germany. For this purpose we also draw on the resources of other robust international practices that we have stress-tested on many occasions. Our clients rely on our expertise when acquiring assets abroad, whether a vacation home, commercial real-estate portfolio, shareholding, or an agricultural and forestry holding.

We offer the following Private-Client Services:

  • Legal and tax wealth planning
  • Asset-protection planning
  • Domestic and cross-border succession planning
  • Wills and contracts of inheritance
  • Ongoing advice on income tax, including cross-border tax planning
  • Advice on inheritance tax planning
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, divorce agreements and cohabitation agreements
  • Settlement of inheritance disputes, estate administration, probate proceedings, inheritance litigation and divorce litigation
  • International succession planning
  • Expatriation and immigration planning
  • Assistance with tax audits