Corporate Groups

The strategy of a corporate group has an impact on many complex legal and tax issues. These include the fundamental question of finding the right place for the group’s headquarters, which depends largely on the tax framework. Among the other issues we address are policy decisions about the location of facilities at home and abroad, the structure of permanent establishments and subsidiaries, and many aspects of commercial law and tax law relating to everyday business.

Focus on Group Tax Law

For decades, German and multinational groups in every industrial sector have  turned to us for advice on tax structuring. We regard entrepreneurial foresight as one of our particular strengths – by anticipating the tax consequences of restructuring and  conversion projects, and always keeping sight of their implications when advising our clients. We draw attention, for example, to the risks and rewards of tax groups, while also highlighting diverse value-added, corporate- income and trade-tax issues. We assemble interdisciplinary teams to assist you with domestic and foreign investments, and place our expertise at your disposal in crises.

We pay special attention to structures that are not only optimized for tax purposes, but also legally secure and sustainable. Often, we coordinate structural proposals with the tax authorities. Such collaboration with the authorities in a spirit of proficiency and openness is a major benefit of engaging Flick Gocke Schaumburg in matters of tax law.

Broad Knowledge of Corporate Law and Labor/Employment Law

We are often called upon to answer complex questions that arise in mergers and acquisitions, corporate investments and divestments, MBOs, and joint ventures and corporate reorganizations. We provide comprehensive advice on capital measures, and corporate and financing structures in groups for domestic and cross-border corporate groups and their subsidiaries. Our experts also have broad experience of corporate governance, especially in the composition of supervisory boards and advisory boards, and all questions arising in the daily business of corporate law.

At the interface of corporate law and labor/employment law, we design shareholder profit-sharing plans, draft service/management agreements and propose consensual solutions if a corporate group is about to be consolidated or has to reduce staff.

Focus on Transfer Pricing

A key topic for multinational corporate groups is the determination and documentation of transfer prices. We assist group companies in presenting the exchange of goods or services between companies within their group to ensure that its income is reliably allocated, taking tax aspects into account. We always keep in mind the interests of the country in question and the view adopted by the tax authorities. That way, we find solutions for our clients that ensure legal certainty and avoid unilateral tax disadvantages. Transfer-pricing documentation is another of the regular services we provide.

Financial Controlling, Valuation and Audits

The management experts in our public audit firm are available to assist you with all matters of investment controlling both in Germany and abroad. They can bring together the data from individual group companies’ income statements and prepare consolidated financial statements on your behalf. We are also pleased to offer advice on tax audits of consolidated groups.

Our advisory Services for Corporate Groups include:

  • Advice on finding the right locations
  • Supervisory boards and advisory boards
  • Planning and documentation of transfer pricing
  • Tax groups
  • Preparation of consolidated financial statements
  • Tax audits of corporate groups