Compliance and Risk Management

The services offered by Flick Gocke Schaumburg in compliance encompass the implementation and auditing of group-wide compliance systems and management structures, and comprehensive advice in breaches of compliance.

We provide assistance with both internal and official investigations – depending on the nature of the assignment – through interdisciplinary teams of lawyers, tax advisors and auditors,  to uniformly examine all the relevant legal and business aspects of compliance. Our compliance specialists not only offer advice on corporate, employment, tax, competition and antitrust, capital markets, data privacy and (commercial) criminal law, but also conduct business analyses. In addition, we are regularly engaged by clients striving to avert or assert compensation claims.

Criminal Compliance

In particular, specialists in our tax and commercial criminal law teams provide assistance with investigations in all areas of white-collar crime (tax evasion, embezzlement and abuse of trust, corruption, fraud, accounting offenses etc.). We offer support for internal inquiries seeking to expose risks of criminal sanctions, and serve as independent internal investigators when managers or employees are suspected of unlawful behavior. Our advisors have many years’ practical experience in preventing, exposing and resolving issues of commercial crime inside companies. Our work focuses on fact-finding to determine the events constituting the offense and the amount of damage or loss, and on preparing reports suitable for use in cases before civil, criminal and labor courts.

Our Services include:

  • Introduction and audit of compliance systems
  • Advice on group-wide compliance structures
  • Implementation of cross-company management structures
  • Advice following compliance breaches
  • Conduct of internal inquiries (corporate law, tax law, employment law, competition and antitrust law, capital markets law, privacy law, white-collar crime defense etc.)
  • Assistance with official investigations
  • Assertion of claims for damages under civil law
  • Internal investigation of suspected white-collar crimes (including fraud, abuse of trust, corruption, money-laundering and tax evasion)
  • Advice and representation in matters of criminal law