Tax Criminal Law and White-Collar Crime

Tax Criminal Law

Our specialization in tax criminal law stems from our outstanding expertise in domestic and international law. We are experienced, knowledgeable and assertive when it comes to tax disputes and litigation. We dig deep into their clients’ tax structures, helping to identify potential risks early on. We also provide comprehensive assistance in establishing effective tax-compliance systems.

We offer both entrepreneurs and companies our expertise in tax criminal law, for example in tax audits or proper voluntary disclosure of tax evasion, and represent them in litigation and tax investigations. In particular, we have a proven track record in evaluating highly complex structures (foundations, trusts and corporate structures).

On request, we also travel to the client to work on confidential and challenging foreign tax matters.

White Collar Crime

The risks of criminal law in daily business life have steadily increased over the last few years. Spectacular white collar crime has resulted in a toughening of the relevant legislation and, in particular, raised awareness of compliance. Public prosecutors’ offices and the tax authorities pursue every suspicion of unlawful conduct in business life more closely than ever before.

Our white collar crime defense lawyers have a deep knowledge of substantive criminal law which they combine with litigation expertise, defending our clients with discretion.

The issues we encounter in our daily practice range from corruption and breach of fiduciary duty to accounting and insolvency crimes, and banking and capital-markets offenses. Our criminal-law specialists advise and represent entrepreneurs and individuals at every stage of the prosecution process – from appraisal of the initial suspicion to the investigation and the actual trial.

Working closely with criminal lawyers, tax lawyers and business valuation experts and audits, we pay close attention to corporate compliance and risk management.