Energy Law / Public Commercial Law

The energy sector has faced sweeping changes in recent years, raising many new questions in public law, tax law and civil law. Legal relationships between energy companies – producers, grid operators, distributors and service providers – and their customers and the authorities are becoming subject to increasingly diverse regulation.

Focus on Energy Law

Flick Gocke Schaumburg has long-standing experience in advising clients from the energy sector. Rounding out our expertise in corporate and tax law, our focus on energy law includes sector-specific aspects of contract law, regulatory law, and renewable energy law. In this field we draw on our in-depth knowledge of public law, including procurement and state-aid law.

We advise energy clients at all stages of the value chain on energy management issues: grid operators (regional and municipal, transmission system operators), energy producers and distributors, industrial companies and traders.

Requirements in the energy sector are constantly changing when it comes to operating energy networks and the financing conditions for network restructuring and expansion. Our teams of energy specialists help their clients to keep pace with these changes. As legal circumstances continue to evolve, our teams also offer advice on the integration of new technologies such as smart grids, smart meters, power-to-gas technologies, and electromobility infrastructures.

We advise our clients on corporate transactions and all legal matters relating to the operating business. In addition, we represent them in disputes under energy law, including appeals in insolvency proceedings and matters of state aid in the energy sector.

Our Focus on Energy Law covers:

  • Law of regulating access to electricity and gas networks and the integration of other energy facilities into the supply system
  • Energy contract law
  • Renewable energy law
  • Public commercial law
  • Disputes under energy law (e.g. appeals in insolvency proceedings, state-aid matters in the energy sector)
  • Corporate transactions in the regulated industries
  • Representation vis-à-vis authorities and courts (regulatory and antitrust administrative proceedings, civil proceedings, complaints procedures, arbitration)

Public Commercial Law

Sector and product regulation are increasing not only in the energy sector, but also in other industries. As a result, companies need to satisfy a constantly growing mass of public law requirements.

At Flick Gocke Schaumburg we help our clients to comply with those requirements while achieving their corporate aims. Our lawyers assess risks of corporate transactions under corporate law and provide advice on all relevant issues under public commercial law.

Our Focus on Public Commercial Law covers:

  • Regulatory matters in the energy, telecommunications, postal services, railways, and airport infrastructure sectors
  • Matters concerning regulations on public fees
  • Environment and planning law
  • Procurement and state-aid law
  • Constitutional law